Le Marche Italien Le Richmond

Le Marche Italien Le Richmond is a one space environment where guests can hang out at the bar with a glass of wine and some antipasti, enjoy a full meal at the bistro and then find exclusive grocery products and over 60 items of fresh foods to choose from as take-out for their home. It’s all about the pleasure of good food, beauty and comfort.


The market counts more than 2000 carefully chosen products imported from Italy, as well as many local gems, that were selected after close to 6 months of research, study and tastings. The market offers it all, from pasta and homemade sauces, to whole milk and eggs fresh from the farm, a wide variety of coffees and teas to select olive oils and vinegars in a boutique atmosphere. All is in place for our guests to find the practical ingredient for a recipe or the exclusive product to impress friends and family.


The Bistro: Whether to grab a fresh coffee and a crisp viennoiserie while reading the paper, hold a lunch meeting with a client, enjoy a casual dinner or a drink at the bar with friends, the Bistro is the perfect hangout spot. 




Ready to eat or take out: in this booming neighborhood, we experienced difficulties to find a simple sandwich or a decent meal when it’s getting late and time flies at the office. The take-out counter consists of a selection of  items to choose from: a variety of fresh salads and sandwiches but also signature dishes can be taken home. Top quality ingredients are used and we will offer different items every week. This is your one stop shop!

333, rue Richmond, Montreal, Qc H3J 1T9

Info & reservations : 514.508.8749